We hand source only the finest Arabica coffee grounds from artisan coffee shops in & around London

Founder William Brightman explains the concept behind his coffee scrub idea:

"Having received a cafetiere for Christmas, I began making my own morning coffee. However, I realised that post-brewing, the freshly brewed grounds had to be thrown away. With more than 55 million cups of coffee drunk every day in the UK, this represents a big waste problem. Indeed, it turns out that more than 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are sent to landfill every year in the UK alone! I saw an opportunity to change this."

You might have thought that these coffee grounds would be harmless. However, they are actually highly polluting and need lots of precious oxygen to break down. They decompose to methane, a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide! That morning latte isn't so harmless after all.

Why coffee?

There are 2 types of coffee bean:

  • Robusta: The lower-quality grade used to make instant coffee.
  • Arabica: The higher-quality grade that is used by cafes and restaurants to make your Americano and flat whites.

Arabica beans are only grown in mountain shade at altitudes above 600m. As a result, they are much harder to grow. They are more expensive but they taste much better too. Robusta is much easier to grow, cheaper to buy and tastes bitter. You wouldn't drink a Robusta latte!

We argue that if you wouldn't eat or drink something, why would you be happy to put it on your skin? That's why we only use Arabica grounds. 

However, why would you want to put coffee on your skin in the first place?

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A natural exfoliator

The fine grounds act as a natural exfoliator, gently removing the surface layer of skin cells. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and glowing!

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The pH levels

Coffee is the same pH as your skin - meaning it won't leave it feeling dry. Plus, we add shea butter, leaving you feeling luxuriously smooth, moisturised and hydrated.

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Helps clear toxins

Caffeine in coffee helps stimulate blood flow, addressing those areas in need of renewal and regeneration.

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Full of Antioxidants

The antioxidant level in brewed coffee grounds is higher than in freshly ground coffee. That means they are better at fighting free radicals, one of the main causes of the signs of aging.

For the Love of Scrub

Influenced by the thoughtful care and attention we put into our scrubs, For the Love of Scrub is a range of 4 naturally-scented scrubs inspired by real-life events and experiences.

Whether that's before a date, after a big night out, after a workout at the gym or just for a quiet night in, we have you covered!

Product 1

The "Pick Me Up" Lemongrass Lifter

Scrub up zesty after getting hot and sweaty. After a tough workout, use this natural scrub as a perfect boost. Infusions of lemongrass, lime and coconut will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and revived!

Product 2

The "Feel Great" Mouthwatering Mandarin

Scrub up deliciously for date night. Got a hot date? Use this natural scrub to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the night ahead. Our mandarin infusion will leave you feeling confident and dance-floor ready!

Product 3

"The Hungover" Potent Peppermint

Scrub up fresh after a night out. Over-indulged last night? Our peppermint infusion will revive your skin and help combat that hangover with its energising and revitalising fragrance!

Product 4

The "Hit The Sheets" Vanilla Velvet

Scrub up silky smooth for a blissful night in. Time for a quiet night in? Our vanilla infusion will relax a tired mind and body with its sweet and warming aroma. The perfect way to unwind!

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