Where We've Been Featured... Update!

Fri, 13th Oct 2017

We wanted to run you through some of the highlights of the excellent coverage we have been getting recently. So without further ado, let's begin!

Daily Mail Online: Brother and Sister Duo Launch Beauty Business from Used Coffee!

"After deciding to develop a skincare line, William enlisted the help of his younger sister, and the pair used their life savings, plus investment from their parents and from William's girlfriend (now wife) to launch the business."

Grazia Online: How Cannabis Became Beauty's Hottest Ingredient


"Potent anti-inflammatory properties mean cannabis is the hottest ingredient in beauty right now. Before you ask, no, we're not advocating smoking it - just slathering it on... It’s one of the world’s most controversial narcotics, but a growing number of beauty and wellness brands believe that a pair of cannabis-derived ingredients can revolutionise how we treat everything from acne to eczema and wrinkles."

The Sun Online: We Look at the Best Kid Sports for Adults Plus we Test Out Coffee Scrubs!

"Using high-quality coffee sourced from shops around London, shea butter and almond oil for moisturise and orange for the best smell of the three".

Foodism: Meet the people doing cool things with food waste


"Although many cafés are fighting back by handing out free bags of nitrogen-rich used coffee for punters to use as garden compost, such measures just aren't having enough of an impact. Enter Optiat, a cosmetics company that has started hand-sourcing excess arabica from London's finest cafés, bars and restaurants, combining their antioxidant, exfoliating powers with great smelling essential oils like lemongrass, mint and mandarin to turn them into body scrubs".

Living North: Victoria's Angels Beauty Secrets

Stella Maxwell: "'I love a good scrub, especially on my face. I like to scrub everything down because I’ve got so much makeup and body makeup and products on. I have to shower every day.'Scrub is a great way to combat that pesky cellulite and Optiat’s The Hungover Potent Peppermint Coffee Scrub has the bonus of smelling good enough to eat".

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