New York: The Best Places You’ve Never Been

Thu, 1st Jun 2017

New York is fabulous. Indeed, there are many awesome things about New York, but two areas truly stand out from the crowd: the shopping and the food. If you are into cutting-edge health or foodie trends, you need to get to know New York (if you don’t already). Similarly, if you are into natural, organic beauty, and cutting edge sustainable fashion, New York is your place.

So, without further ado, here are our top places to visit in New York:

Natural Beauty

Cap Beauty

Cap Beauty – The holy grail of natural products. Cap Beauty is a must visit. They stock the crème de a la crème of natural beauty such as:

  • Jiva Apoha - The name is Sanskrit for ‘Soul-Healing’ and that is exactly what Angela’s oils do. The oils are based on indigenous healing practices in native American and Indian cultures. it is Ayurveda meets western medicine with each blend composed to heal something specific for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Living Libations - a skincare line founded by Nadine Artemis whose line of serums, elixirs and essential oils draw on plant intelligence and botanicals to nourish the body and enhance the immune system. She is particularly know for her holistic approach to dental care and is author of the book - Holistic Dental Care: the Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.
  • RMS - Natural make up made with organic ingredients – after working in fashion for many years and seeing the impact of daily exposure to chemicals RMS beauty was created to help people realise that looking good does not have to be at the expense of our health. Their coconut oil based concealer is amazing!
  • De Mamiel - Products that are more than just skincare – de mamiels products are created using the ancient principles of Chinese medicine along with modern scientific research. All the product are hand crafted and organic, with ingredients carefully sourced for their potency.

They also have some great food provisions including:

  • Canyon Coffee - Founder Ally and her partner Casey believe that the ritual of coffee was made to bring people together. Their coffee is organic and aims to add beauty and warmth to everyday life.
  • Wonder Valley Olive Oil - This is a handpicked cold-pressed certified extra virgin grade olive oil. Full with polyphenols, the ‘fountain of youth’ antioxidant. Found Alison makes everything in the high desert of Joshua Tree California.
  • Moon Juice - Moon Juice is a store that focuses on plant-sourced alchemy – think organic cold pressed juices, herbal nut milks and other delicious plant based provisions. Based in Los Angeles and founded by Amanda Chantal Bacon.
  • Sun Potion - Sun Potion sell medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs. They source only wild crafted and organic plants that aim to transform consciousness and health. They were created to meet the growing demand for these ‘transformational foods’.
  • Zenbunni - Family run business Zenbunni makes what they call ‘beyond organic’ stone ground chocolate. Certified biodynamic cacao and medicinal herbs and healing plants are combined to make the most delicious healing chocolate – healing for both you and the earth.
hu kitchen.jpg


Hu Kitchen (above) – This place is our second home when in NYC – we could easily eat all our meals here! Hu Kitchen is completely gluten-, grain-, GMO-, soy-, refined sugar-, basically rubbish-free. There are plenty of satisfying vegan options available such as the Veggie Grandmaster Loaf or vegetable side dishes. Their Mash bar is amazing (basically a dairy-free sundae bar) AND if it wasn’t awesome enough already, they just started stocking Honeymama’s raw chocolate – a reason in itself to visit Hu Kitchen. Who am I kidding; Honeymama’s alone is a reason to fly to New York!

by Chloe – Located on trendy Bleecker Street this café offers plant-based food that genuinely makes you never want to eat meat again. Locally sourced ingredients, a sustainable ethos, eco-friendly packaging and delicious vegan food, this place ticks all our boxes! Try their matcha kelp noodles and their sweet potato fries. They have recently collaborated with the wonderful Kat Odell of Unicorn Food!

Black Seed Bagels - Head to Black Seed Bagels in East Village for the BEST homemade almond butter and jam bagels I have ever eaten. I'd recommend getting a savoury bagel and then sweet one for dessert as they really are that good. Also the interiors are fab - you get the real NY experience! 

Matchabar – A fantastic Matcha bar located in Williamsburg. It serves all things matcha, hemp milk matcha latte, iced coconut matcha, matcha cake… all the green goodness!

Cookshop – One of my favourite restaurants in New York. Cookshop is a wonderful restaurant on 10th Avenue that focuses on sustainable ingredients and supports local artisans and farmers. Make a reservation; it gets super busy especially at the weekend.

Hundred Acres - Hundred Acres serves frequently changing seasonal food with a Mediterranean vibe. The market menu and quaint country setting are a dream combination.

Dimes - A beautiful café with a minimalist Californian vibe and the most Instagrammable of health-conscious concoctions such as winter salad brightened up with orange blossom vinaigrette and lavender açai bowl!

The Butchers Daughter – A wonderful place for brunch, The Butchers Daughter is a plant-based restaurant and juice bar. Their coconut “bacon” is a dream.



Catbird (above) – This is a lovely jewellery shop in Brooklyn. All of their jewellery is made in their Brooklyn studio with recycled or fair-trade gold and all stones are conflict-free. All the beauty products they carry are cruelty-free. They also stock some other wonderful brands.

Fishs Eddy – Ever wondered where food instagrammers get their props? HERE! They sell everything from Kilner jars and wooden chopping boards to small plates that say ‘here’s your snack dumbass’.

LifeThyme - A great all-natural market that boasts a vegan bakery and dine in seating area on the second floor. They have delicious raw deserts and have a great supplement section. I go for all my provisions once I land.

Dr Cow Cheese – This is a premium organic raw nut cheese shop. They make the most delicious nut cheesecake and nut cheeses (grab some gluten-free crackers and make a cheese plate and invite some friends over for wine and nibbles!). Think, smoked aged cashew cheese, Truffle cashew cheese and aged reishi muchroom macadamia nut cheese.

So there you have a selection of our favourite places in NYC. We'd love to hear your thoughts - send us an email to !

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